AV7 Key Features

     25 Reasons Why the AV7 Invitation Bible is the most inviting,
     word-for-word accurate, easy-to-read presentation of the Bible.

  1. AV7 invites you to join God's family and discover your ultimate purpose in life.
  2. AV7 is an accurate word-for-word translation,  not an interpretive paraphrase.
  3. AV7 is easy-to-read in grammatically correct present-day English.
  4. AV7 translation accuracy is validated by exhaustive documentation.
  5. AV7 is based on the most trustworthy original language sources.
  6. AV7 is compiled by word-for-word and phrase-by-phrase translation tables.
  7. AV7 maintains continuity with the most time-honored English texts.
  8. AV7 presents  "The Most Essential Truth in the Bible"  in concise opening pages.
  9. AV7 replaces obsolete and archaic words and phrases with exact equivalent present-day English.
  10. AV7 does not omit any words or verses from the most trustworthy original Greek source texts.
  11. AV7 corrects translation and grammatical errors in previous Bible texts.
  12. AV7 clarifies confusing pronoun sequences and corrects improper male-biased pronouns.
  13. AV7 is uncluttered by footnotes, marginal notes, and opinion commentary.
  14. AV7 incorporates many new features not found in any previous Bible.
  15. AV7 provides Old Testament cross-references with many verses.
  16. AV7 connects Old Testament prophecies to New Testament fulfillment.
  17. AV7 uses reduced-size italics to clearly identify interpolatively added words.
  18. AV7 uses small "+" flags to clearly identify significant word revisions.
  19. AV7 documentation includes a 17,342-word AV7 Greek-English concordance.
  20. AV7 gives you infinite search options in its free online presentation.
  21. AV7 is freely given and may be freely copied for any non-commercial use.
  22. AV7 is  not  "All Rights Reserved" copy restricted.
  23. AV7 makes daily inspirational reading easy and memorable.
  24. AV7 is available to download  free  as a PDF document.
  25. AV7 is a valuable tool and resource for inviting others to join God's family.