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The AV7 Invitation Bible includes many features that have never
been available before in any previous presentation of the Bible.  Here is one:

AV7 Multi-Dimensional Search and Select  gives you an infinite array of possibilities:

Here are just a few options:  (Come back to 'Search Tips' to learn about more options.)
  1. Search for a single word or name.  Try entering the word   [friends]  and press [Go]
    (Every verse with the word 'friends' is found, but only the first 100 results are shown.)

  2. Narrow your search by entering two separate search terms:  [friends] and [love]

  3. Try different combinations of words.  For example:  [peace] and [joy]
    [peace] and [love] ... [food] and [drink] ... [faith] and [follow] ... etc.

  4. You can also search for two or more words that you know appear together
    in one or both search input windows.  For example:  [Jesus said] ... (alone)
    Or, narrow the search with: [Jesus said] in one and [love] in the second input window.

  5. With these capabilities, you can find absolutely anything in the Bible
    that you might like to find without knowing Book, Chapter, and Verse ...
    even if you know only a word or two of a something that you might like to find.

  6. Or, search for a single Book-Chapter:Verse - for example:   [John]  and  [15:14]

  7. Or, view and read an entire Chapter of a Book, enter the Book name:  [John-]
     and chapter number  [15:]   Please note  the necessary hyphen (-) following
    the Book name  'John' and the colon (:) following the chapter number '15'

Because of the vast number of special search capabilities offered, there are just a few special requirements for entering Bible book names and chapter and verse numbers as explained below.

Every 'Book' in The AV7 Bible is identified by a four-character  'ID' so you don't have to type in the entire book name.  For example: Matt (for Matthew),  Mark,  Luke,  John,  Acts,  Roma (for Romans),  1Cor (for First Corinthians), etc.  and each four-character book name or 'ID' must be followed by a hyphen (-).  So, matt-   mark-   roma-   1cor- ... etc.  Uppercase (Capitals) are disregarded.

When entering chapter and verse numbers, there must always be a colon (:) separating the chapter number and verse number.

Chapter and verse numbers must always be two-digit numbers, so chapter 1 and verse 1 would be entered as 01:01

The possibilities are endless!   Many more search options will be added here shortly.